Big Sucker Creek

Although there was a heavy cloud cover and cooler temps, it wasn’t enough to keep me from venturing out to explore a river I had not hiked before.  The destination, Big Sucker Creek, between Lake Superior and the Hwy. 61 expressway that connects Duluth and Two Harbors, MN.  The fall colors are mostly past peak, but there are still a few traces of color hanging on.  But color was not my main objective on this outing, black and white was.  I am particularly pleased with the image titled, “Bridge Framework.”  It is the result of stacking three images in Photoshop that were focused at different points along the framework.  The stacking gives the illusion of three dimensions.

There are two color images in the gallery.  When I happened upon the reddish shape imbedded in the rock, I immediately reached for my point and shoot and set it for vivid to get that shot.  The other is rather mysterious.  How Charles came to be immortalized on a piece of fur and leather is unclear.  And how this ended up in Big Sucker Creek is also unclear.  But I would imagine by now it is floating in Lake Superior.  Charles is in for an interesting adventure!


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