Post Industrial Fishing

Recently, while searching out a new hiking trail in West Duluth, I discovered a new fishing spot.  This is not your typical idea of a pleasant place to fish, but what it lacks in ambiance, is compensated for by the fishing.  It appears that this location had at one time been used for shipping.  There is a large boat slip that would fit the ships that ply the Great Lakes and evidence of past construction, perhaps a large warehouse.  The ships at one time would work their way up the river to these slips.  But not anymore, as they are no longer dredging this part of the river for the ships.

While fishing, one is surrounded by the sounds of boats on the St. Louis River, heavy machinery and large trucks.  Besides the industrial view, there are also views of the Bong Bridge, a power plant,  a paper mill and the wetlands of the St. Louis River estuary.  Sort of an industrial meets natural scene.

Of course, when the fish weren’t biting, I was wandering around with a camera.


5 thoughts on “Post Industrial Fishing

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  2. This reminds me of places on Staten island, which is part of New York City, but where the older industrial areas abut natural areas you’d find it hard to believe you’re in new York. Nice photos!


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