A Garden’s Last Gasp

Summer has spun southward, fall slides in from the north and our gardens are preparing themselves for the deep sleep of winter.  But, before they let go their energy gained from summer sunshine, the mums put on a final show, perhaps a sign of defiance as the snowflakes fall from the sky on an October afternoon.

I thank the mums, and all the other plants, that have burst forth throughout the year and blessed the garden with their glory and color.  I thank the ones who shared not only their colorful presence, but also the ones that will be used as nourishment in the coming months.  I am grateful for the bee balm and rose hips that will become a warm and invigorating tea, for the mint, the rosemary, basil, chives, thyme, and all the others.

Sleep well garden, rest and dream of next year’s glory.  From your dreams come the realities of abundance that will burst forth in the spring.


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