Moving Closer To Our Goals

I was involved in a conversation recently about attaining goals. When one wishes to attain a goal or sets an intention for change, is it appropriate to wait for the goal or change to come to us, or do we do what we can to move closer to it? An analogy came to mind about photography that I used to illustrate my point of view.
As a photographer who wishes to take a close-up or macro photo of a flower, will I attain the desired result standing back and using a wide angle lens?


No, I need to move closer.  I could try a medium telephoto or other approaches, but that still won’t get me as close as possible.


To achieve the best possible outcome, I will reach for my macro lens and move myself as close as possible to my goal, then take the shot.

IMG_0537 IMG_0538

These images weren’t coming to me, they were firmly rooted in their place.  I needed to move to them.  And so it is so many goals in life.  If we want a new job, it most likely won’t come to us,  so we move closer to it by learning the right skills, creating a quality resume and applying.  This also applies to meeting people.  New friends aren’t going to show up on your doorstep, we need to move ourselves to places that puts us closer to them.

This concept can be applied to pretty much any scenario in our lives, if it’s important, don’t wait for it, move closer to it and you will attain it that much faster.


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