Late September Observations

Sept. 26, Amity Creek, Duluth, MN

Amity Creek flows toward Lake Superior in Duluth and prior to flowing into the lake, it merges with the Lester River under the bridge where Superior Street crosses the river.  The road that meanders along the creek is called Seven Bridges Road, which is appropriate as it contains seven narrow bridges and is a beautiful drive any time of year.  Both rivers offer wonderful opportunities for photographers willing to hike the trails and banks of each stream.  Each encounter will be different depending on season and water level.  On this occasion, the water level was low, fall colors were showing and there were a few small details to be seen.

At this time of year, any river flowing through wooded areas of changing color will provide multiple opportunities to find color in many forms.  Late flowering plants, trees changing color, fallen leaves on the ground and floating in the water.  I hope you find time to immerse yourself in the colors.



Splitting The Beam

Playing With Light

Another way of “seeing beyond seeing” is with child like inquisitiveness.  For me, when I neglect to use this form of seeing, I may miss unique photographic opportunities, such as today’s work.  My kitchen window gets very direct morning sunlight and if something is sitting on the counter that sunlight can pass through, the light will create patterns on the counter.  Not one to pass such an opportunity up, I placed a white towel on the woodblock counter and started arranging colored glass objects in the light and photographed the results.  I also did a bit of tweaking in Adobe Lightroom.

A Meditation on Three Groups

As I was working on an image to print for a commercial presentation, I discovered I had an empty ink cartridge and had to pause that project, which led to me returning to some images that have been on my mind.  This is one of them, three progressively larger clumps of grass growing out of a rocky island on the St. Louis River as it flows through Jay Cooke State Park.



Still Here


Good morning bloggers, hope your day is off to great start.
As I sit here on my front porch enjoying a beautiful Duluth morning, taking note of the changing colors, the mums getting ready to explode in a riot of blossoms and, most importantly, drinking my coffee, that I send blessings to you all.

Winding Down To Fall

The Winding Road

Everywhere I look lately, I see reminders that summer is drawing to a close.   Fall is nearly upon us and that can only mean that winter isn’t far behind.  As much as I never like to see summer pass, this summer will be especially hard to let go.  It was an incredible time with a lot of coming and going by many people, from many places. There was a lot of fun entertaining, running around to show off the beauty of northern Minnesota, great meals with family and friends, camping, and much, much more.  All of it loads of fun and it was an opportunity to visit with family we don’t get to see very often.  But now it’s time to catch up on projects left undone, prepare the yard for winter, put together a quick garage sale that we were going to do last spring and more.  As I dream of next summer, I can’t help wondering if it will hold as many surprises as the summer of 2014 did.

Also on my agenda is attending the Highway 61 Film Festival in Pine City, MN during the first weekend in October.  I’ve been notified that my short documentary film, “My Uncle Bob” has been admitted to the festival.  It will be my first large scale film festival and I look forward to seeing the audience response to the film.


The Downside of Moving

Dear Followers,

Moving is always a difficult process, no matter if it’s in the physical or digital worlds.  A common side effect of moving is the loss of friends.  This seems to also happen when you move from one blog to another with WordPress.  In the process of moving, my number of followers has gone from over 90 to 5!  Has anyone else experienced this and if you did, were you able to fix the issue?  I’ve sent a message to support, but have not heard back from them.

I’m also wondering if it’s possible to have two blogs that share content.  So if I write here, could it show up on my website?  That would be so cool!

If you were a follower of, I hope you can find me once again at

I miss you all and hope we can reconnect.