Slowing Down and Regrouping

Slowly, the dust is settling, visitors are moving on and life has a chance to resume some normalcy. It’s been a hectic several weeks since the Colombian soccer group left for home and I have found that an excellent method of re-grounding is to spend some time close to nature, very close in fact. I’ve spent the last few days working my way through a blueberry patch close to home, down on my butt, knees, and elbows, rummaging through the low growing shrubs full of berries. But, that does’t mean that I don’t come up for an occasional break and reach for my camera.
Many of these berries are destined for gluten free pancakes. My wife has developed a wonderful recipe using freshly ground flours and no matter how big a batch she makes, it’s never enough.


Did I mention the raspberries? Those have been very good also!


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