Changes & Rebirth

Due to an unexpected notice that arrived in the mail this week, an opportunity to make changes in my internet presence arrived with it. Rather than see this notice as an obstacle, I’m choosing to see it as means of rebirth and rebranding of my business and internet persona.
So, although the lights will soon go out at The Digital Attic, expect new light to shine on what’s coming next. A new vision is coming soon.


Pushing My Boundries

It is not always my nature to want to photograph people, especially portraits, but I have had the opportunity lately to work with my niece while she staying in Duluth this summer. I’ve always felt that she had the qualities to be a model, someone else apparently did too. While attending business school in London, she signed up to work with an agency there. I was very impressed with the images from that shoot. When I mentioned that I was looking for someone to help me perfect my technique for senior photos and posters, she agreed to model for me. Through our work together she has helped me feel more confident with this style of photography and she says she is enjoying the practice she is getting, plus loves that we are shooting in nature.
Here are a few photos from our work together:

Blueberry Yoga

Blueberries & Lemonade

Blueberries & Lemonade

Yesterday marked the end of blueberry picking for me. The local patch is now pretty well picked out and I don’t expect to travel to places that may yet have berries available. But it was a good year for the small patch near my home and I have a few bags of blueberries in the freezer, will be able to share some with family when I visit next week and enough for several batches of blueberry pancakes.
Yesterday also marked the end of my “blueberry yoga” sessions. For those who may not have picked blueberries in the wild, allow me to explain the process and the poses.

First there is the warmup, which involves walking about a half mile to the blueberry patch, all uphill. If you’ve been to Duluth, MN, you know we have hills. Next comes the dodge, crossing the busy road to get to the grassy knoll where the berries grow, followed by stone stepping to get over the large rocks that form the drainage area next to the road.
Now that the warmup is complete the yoga can begin.
Pose 1: Standing stretch and twist, useful for surveying the patch and choosing a starting point for picking.
Pose 2: At the starting point, slowly bring body to kneeling position in an area where you are surrounded by blueberries.
Pose 3: Kneeling twist, begin picking in a circle around your body the berries that are within easy reach.
Pose 4: The side lunge, allows for reaching berries that are just out of easy reach to the left and right.
Pose 5: The down berry, similar to sleeping cat, for getting eyes close to ground so that you see the berries that might be hiding deeper in the plants or for recovering a choice dropped berry.
Pose 6: The sit-twist, when the knees get tired, sit and pick while twisting the body. The side lunge works with this pose also.
Pose 7: The wandering waist bend, bending at the waist as you move through the patch, allows for a sweeping of the area for stragglers before leaving the patch.

Now it’s time for the final cool down. This is a reversing of the warmup routine, but begins with pose 1. Doing pose 1 before leaving gives time to thank the patch for its gift of berries, for a beautiful day for picking and the grand view of the Duluth harbor in the distance. Once gratitude has been practiced, repeat stone stepping and the dodge. Then enjoy the downhill walk home while nibbling on the few berries you nabbed as you walked out of the patch.

A Pictorial Guide to the Last Four Weeks

I had considered writing individual blog entries for all the different events that have kept me busy over the last four weeks, but decided that I am still too occupied with summer to do that. So, as a means to pick up with my blog again, I chose to create a pictorial recollection of the last four weeks and then will get back on track with more regular posts.
My apologies if this seems a bit like a travelogue.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and coming soon, fall colors.

Slowing Down and Regrouping

Slowly, the dust is settling, visitors are moving on and life has a chance to resume some normalcy. It’s been a hectic several weeks since the Colombian soccer group left for home and I have found that an excellent method of re-grounding is to spend some time close to nature, very close in fact. I’ve spent the last few days working my way through a blueberry patch close to home, down on my butt, knees, and elbows, rummaging through the low growing shrubs full of berries. But, that does’t mean that I don’t come up for an occasional break and reach for my camera.
Many of these berries are destined for gluten free pancakes. My wife has developed a wonderful recipe using freshly ground flours and no matter how big a batch she makes, it’s never enough.


Did I mention the raspberries? Those have been very good also!

Missing, presumed busy.

Hello All,

Just a note to say that I have been incredibly busy these last few weeks and anticipate sharing some new photography in the near future from my many adventures. In the meantime here is an image of the sunset over the Granite River which forms the border between the US and Canada in the BWCA.

Granite River Sunset

Granite River Sunset