Colombian Invasion

For the fifth year in a row I am involved with a group of Colombian kids and their coaches as they prepare for the Schwann’s USA Cup in Blaine Minnesota. They arrived last Tuesday and traveled to Duluth to spend several days experiencing the North Shore of Lake Superior after spending their mornings practicing for the tourament. They were able to enjoy a cookout and potluck picnic, followed by friendly games against the local soccer club. On Thursday and Friday they participated in bike riding in Carlton and water sports at the mouth of the Lester River. Friday evening included a grilled chicken dinner at Jay Cooke State Park and then ice skating. Saturday had them traveling to Gooseberry Falls State Park for hiking, swimming and another picnic dinner. Sunday morning they boarded the bus to go to Blaine and begin preparations for the USA Cup. They will play hard, but they will also have fun. They will go to Valleyfair, a Twins game and a dinner cruise on the St. Croix river before flying home next week.
This morning is my quiet break before I have to prepare the cooking I will do this week, the photography of the games and other duties I do while the group is here. As busy as it keeps me and as much as I work very hard these two weeks, I really enjoy the time they are here and the opportunity to practice my Spanish.









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